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Talent Management, Organizational Development and Leadership Development Solutions
All of my solutions are based on science and grounded in evidence-based practices.
  • talent management - HRD Initiatives
      Talent Management Audit   A Talent Management Audit helps organizations objectively assess their people-related activities against best practices. 

    Talent Management is much more than the administrative activities of human resources. Instead, it is an organization’s approach and tactics to: 

    • Hiring employees (i.e., talent acquisition)
    • Creating an engaged workforce (i.e., engaging talent)
    • Developing employees (i.e., building talent)
    • Creating the right infrastructure to capitalize on the employees’ talents (i.e., leveraging talent)
    • Keeping employees around (i.e., retaining talent)

    The final product is an action plan that an organization can immediately begin working on to build a workplace that attracts, engages, and retains the right talent that synthesizes with their business goals. Please note that this is NOT an HR compliance audit.

  • Ethics CPE Workshops
    Ethics CPE Workshops I take a very unique approach to ethics CPE training that has been called FUN and intellectually stimulating!!!

    This session takes a very unique approach to the topic of ethics.  We focus on the most important element of the decision-making process - YOU!  Most ethics programs focus on codes of conduct and what you should AVOID doing; while codes are important they are only as good as the person applying the codes.  Based on research and grounded in evidence, during this webinar we explore how a person morally matures and how the brain responds to an ethical situation.  This creates a 'mental map' for you to follow the next time you are confronted with a challenging situation; thus, enhancing your ethical decision-making skills.  Through case studies, self-reflection exercises, and pragmatic exercises you will benchmark your own ethical decision-making skills and create action items to enhance them according to your own personal needs.

<strong>Leadership Development</strong>
      Leadership Development Management and leadership skills are organization's biggest skill gaps. 

    My white-labeled leadership program can be brought in-house, branded to fit your culture, and implemented to help build your organization's leadership skills. 

     The program content is NOT off the shelf material instead it is all custom built on evidence-based best practices. Since this is not canned material, the content can be tweaked to fit your organization's learning needs, leadership expectations, and/or core values. 

  • <strong>Talent/Personality Assessment</strong>
    Talent/Personality Assessment A robust, validated talent assessment is a MUST HAVE for all organizations no matter how many employees you have. 

    If you want your employees to work hard for you, you must accurately understand what motivates and demotivates them. Some organizations are using talent/personality assessments but in my rich experience most are 

    1. Using them wrong, 
    2. Are not using them to their fullest potential, and 
    3. Are risking legal liability because they chose the wrong assessment.

    Contact me today to identify the tool that fits your organization the best.

  • <strong>Hire for talent/personality and culture fit</strong>
    Hire for talent/personality and culture fit If you need help hiring a new Associate who fits in your culture, I have the validated tools to help you.  Most organizations subjectively, if at all, assess for culture and talent fit when hiring a new team member.

    And of the organizations that do assess for culture fit, they are most likely using the wrong tool(s) - which could be opening themselves up to LEGAL RISK. 

    Contact me today if you would like to assess your next hire for culture and talent fit!

  • Team work, work colleagues, working together
    Build Effective Teams – Team Building This term scares me!  Team building is a very important element to creating and maintaining cohesive, effective, teams.  

    However, most team building sessions are fluffy and bring with them no substance that leads to meaningful action back in the work environment.

    With this fear inside of me, I have created a team building session that I have been doing for almost 20 years.  Every single time, across all types of industries and businesses, the evaluations come back extremely strong (averaging 4.78/5.0) as a valuable investment of the participants' time.  

    More valuable is that the participants tell me that the session and tools provided in the workshop are meaningful and relevant to use back in their work environment.  

    Contact me today if you'd like to explore the most meaningful team building session for your organization.

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