Myth vs. Fact Regarding Human Capital Management

If you run a business, you know the single biggest resource you have are the people who work for you. At HRD Initiatives, we help you with talent management best practices, leadership development, talent assessments and building an effective team. Our solutions are based on science and grounded in evidence-based practices. In that vein, we’d like to dispel some myths with exciting facts about your biggest resource.

Everyone Is Motivated by the Same Thing: Money

Everyone expects to get paid, but that doesn’t mean they’re motivated by money. We’ve developed a talent/personality assessment that helps you accurately understand what motivates and demotivates your employees. The results can be surprising. Some of the things that motivate employees more than money include:

  • Growing professionally
  • Encouragement and recognition
  • Having an impact
  • Personal feeling of doing a good job
  • Peer motivation

We help you find what motivates each employee so you can leverage those motivations to increase production, lower turnover and grow employee satisfaction.

All Team Building Activities Increase Results

Not all team building activities are the same. Most companies invest in fluffy activities and, while these can be a fun break from the daily routine, they don’t end with calls to action or related increases in results. 

The team building activities our company uses provide meaningful tools that are relevant in the work environment. The sessions are designed to create and maintain unified and successful teams working toward the same set of goals. 

Hiring Leadership from Inside or Outside the Company Is the Same

One is a hiring process and the other is promoting from within and each affects your staff differently. There is a place for both but it’s the balance struck between the two and how they fit into your overall talent management plan that matters. There are important components to any talent management plan and we will help you create, implement and assess them:

  • Talent acquisition
  • Engaging talent
  • Building talent
  • Leveraging talent
  • Retaining talent

These components look different for each business and organization because each has its own culture, dynamics, and needs. Together, we can develop the right plan to maximize your human capital management. 

Ethics Workshops Are Tedious

Most are, yes—but they don’t have to be. When such important information is being shared, these workshops need to be engaging and fun. If they aren’t, the information is easily forgotten and this can put your business and your employees at risk. 

Our workshops are not based on what not to do, but on how each person matures morally and how their brain responds to an ethical situation. This creates what we call a “mental map” for each employee to follow the next time they are met with a challenging situation. Our webinar workshops include engaging material like:

  • Case studies
  • Self-reflection exercises
  • Pragmatic exercises

These activities, when placed in a robust workshop setting, allow people to find their ethical decision-making benchmarks. This makes them aware of blind spots and creates proactive and actionable items to increase their skills based on their individual needs. This avoids a blanket approach that assumes each person is in the same starting point as another—which is rarely the case. 

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