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Frequently Asked Questions for HRD Initiatives LLC
July 10, 2019 at 12:00 AM
<strong>Frequently Asked Questions for HRD Initiatives LLC</strong>

While we encourage all of our potential clients to reach out to us to address any questions or concerns, the frequently asked question list has helpful information for those seeking staff development help.

What experience does HRD Initiatives bring to my staff concerns?

Jeremy Wortman brings outstanding educational and work experience credentials to his work with clients. Since earning a Ph.D. in organizational behavior, leadership, and organizational development at the University of Nebraska, he also held various leadership positions at TD Ameritrade. Now, as the owner of HRD Initiatives LLC, he can focus on helping you maximize your staff to its full potential.

In what ways can HRD Initiatives help a company with its talent issues

HRD can assist companies in a variety of ways, from employee engagement surveys and executive coaching to leadership development and talent management strategies. 

Why have my team building efforts not worked in the past?  What makes your approach different?

Team building, in most cases frankly, uses fluff over substance. Geared toward keeping employees engaged by having fun, they produce few or no results that impact the office environment. Jeremy Wortman has 20 years of experience using team building techniques that pack the time with substance, get results, and earn consistently high evaluations.

I have a human resources department. Why do I need talent management?

Human resources offices administer hiring, firing, and employee relations. They generally do their jobs professionally and with competence. Their purview does not, however, include employee development to the extent offered by HRD Initiatives. We center our approaches around talent, including getting talent, fostering it within the entry position, then helping it to develop as the employee’s career develops. We also advise the organization on how best to use the talent in house.

Why do I need assistance in hiring new staff?

Consulting firms can often handle the task of hiring at least as well as in house staff, but for less money. They can also bring in an objective perspective that better identifies key needs, including important organizational culture characteristics, that help to bring on the best possible hires. Finally, they take the time and resource burden of the task out of the hands of managers and others so that they can concentrate on primary roles.

Why is organizational culture important?

Each organization has its own culture that presents opportunities for perfect fits as well as misses. Sometimes the most talented and experienced person will fail because he or she does not fit the organizational culture well. We help to foster a positive culture, then work to find qualified talent who will mesh well with it. This represents the best way to build solid teams. 

What is a talent or personality assessment?

All organizations should use talent assessments, personality assessments, or both. When used properly, these can help an organization make the best possible decisions on how to use their talent effectively. When companies use these assessments on their own, they risk at the very least ineffective use of them. At worst, they could use the wrong assessment and face legal liability. The professionals at HRD Initiatives have decades of combined expertise in employee development and can use them effectively.

What can you do to help develop leadership talent?

Many talented people fail in leadership roles because of a lack of training or support. Additionally, many leaders fail because their supervisors misapplied their talents and experience. Our tested techniques help to develop leadership and administrative skills, especially among those hired for raw talent and potential.

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